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Our focus is Holistic Health

We need to health the entire body for optimal health

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Plant Based Lifestyle

The Reasons that we focus on a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle are numerous. The key to physical health begins with healthy nutrition



in today's fast-paced world,  stress, anxiety, and depression are on the rise.

Mindfullness is an essnetial part of maintaining a healthy body.



With the stress of life, it is more and more essential to find your spiritual self. We work with spiritual healing for complete holistic health

A Healthy Planet

It is important to make every effort to care for our plant and everything in it

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The pollution on our planet is at a critical moment. The effects of industry and industrial farming are having a severe effect. Let's do our part


Animal Welfare

Since 1980 we have been producing a large variety of ice cream with fresh cream and milk from our local family farms.


The Ocean

From over fishing to the great garbage patch. The ocean is in trouble. All life starts with the ocean. We promote all causes that help the ocean

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“My families health has become more important as I discover more truths about the food we eat and where it comes from."

We have started our journey toward holistic health. We coach others to help in any area that we can help you live a better life.


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